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About Us

We started Merchandise Lane due to our love for all things sports, tv and films. We saw an opportunity to be able to spread this love to you, the world. 

We sell merchandise products from the world of tv, sports and entertainment. All our products are authentic and first class. 

It has not been easy but it definitely has been life changing. Making sure we have the reseller rights, making sure that we get the right products, not knowing which products to start off with, sooooooooo many decisions with so much to learn from. 

Everything we do, is tailored towards your (customer) experience. We are hoping to start our Instagram page soon so please be on the look out for announcements.

Please remember to join our emailing list to receive the latest news and deals. 

We can be contacted at otashops, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE